How long is a session?

We work a minimum 3-hour session and 5 hours is usually enough for most clients in one session. However, we can work up to 8 hours depending upon the situation.

The final 10 minutes of each session are dedicated to packing up, reviewing our progress and if required, dropping off items for donation.

Do I need to be present?

We can work side by side with you the whole time or on our own with intermittent input from you, however in most cases the editing stage needs to be completed together as we go through items and decide what needs to be kept/donated/discarded.  We provide plenty of assistance and encouragement throughout this process, but ultimately it is completely your decision on what you wish done with your belongings.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions are charged at an hourly rate per organiser, with a minimum 3-hour session.

Sessions are $72 / hour + GST for each organiser.

NDIS Participants: We currently assist self and plan managed clients. We have a range of core and capacity codes we can work within to suit our clients needs.

How many organisers will attend?

We usually send one organiser, however if it is a large job e.g. a relocation or a situations where there are significant amounts of clutter, it may be more productive to bring along additional team members. This will be discussed during the consultation.

I do not have access to any funding, will you still come out and organise spaces within my home?

Perth Decluttering Services has been set up to address the needs of our funded clients, i.e. NDIS / Carers WA, Home Care Package, etc. If you do not have access to funding, don’t worry we would love to assist you via our other business Well Organised. Please click on this link to take you to our Well Organised website.

I am embarrassed about the amount of clutter I have.

At Perth Decluttering Services we have seen it all.  Please don’t be embarrassed as we do not judge you, we assess the situation so we can work out how best we can assist.  We understand everyone has busy lives, and having the time to declutter and organise your home can be very time consuming and often not high on the priority list of jobs you have to complete on a day-to-day basis.  In addition, anxiety, depression and other physical or mental health issues can contribute to disorganisation, clutter, and hoarding tendencies.

Sometimes, there are years of stored items, and it becomes overwhelming to tackle the job yourself.  This is where we excel, we can see through the clutter, and help you create a more organised life by implementing systems that are suited to your own needs, habits, and preferences.  We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Do you work weekends and Public Holidays?

We understand not everyone has availability during weekday hours and we will attempt to co-ordinate a time that suits you, however weekends, Public Holidays and after hour sessions may attract a loading charge. Please discuss with us during the consultation.

What if I need to cancel my session?

Unfortunately, when a client cancels without giving adequate notice of two business days, it prevents another client from being served. Clients must provide 48-hours notice to cancel any booked sessions.  Notice of cancellation must be made by contacting us either by:

(i). Phone – o447 160 320

(ii). Email – [email protected]

A cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the session fee may be charged if the client fails to provide the required cancellation notice.

How do I make a complaint?

Perth Decluttering Services commit to:

(i). Responding to complaints and appeals in a timely and fair way.

(ii). Making our complaint handling process available to everyone.

(iii). Taking all reasonable steps to investigate and resolve complaints within 30 days.

Complaints and appeals can be made in the following ways:

(i). In person

(ii). Via a representative or advocate

(iii). In writing – PO Box 418, Mt Hawthorn WA 6016

(iv). By email – [email protected]

(v). By telephone  – o447 160 320

A Complaint Form can be download from our website here: