Our Services

NDIS Participants

Perth Decluttering Services provides a range of services and support for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants, including those who:

  • Are overwhelmed and stressed by clutter and disorganisation.
  • Have goals to create new routines and systems that will help with keeping their home and life organised.

Whether your NDIS plan is self-managed or plan-managed, we can help you achieve your goals to create a home that reflects the way you want to live. 

Get in touch for more information on how Perth Decluttering Services can support NDIS Participants, Support Coordinators, NDIS LACs and family members.

Home Care Package Services

Seniors often want to live independently, in their own home, for as long as they can. It is what they know and where they feel most comfortable.

Perth Decluttering Services supports clients with Home Care Packages including those where:

  • Clutter has become a safety hazard, for example, not having a clear pathway throughout the home, leading to trip hazards and increased fire risk.
  • Help is needed to make areas of the home more functional for health reasons, for example, making sure items most frequently used are within easy reach.

If you are a Home Care Package recipient, a family member, a Home Care Package provider and would like to know more we would love to hear from you.

Other Funding

Do you have access to government or non-government funding, i..e. Dept. Veterans Affairs, Community funding, etc

Perth Decluttering Services specialise in supporting all funded clients.

We can assist with the stress and anxiety caused by having too much clutter in your home and life. Did you know that clutter can have negative effects of our brain and bodies?  Let us support you to achieve a result that may reduce these negative effects. 

Contact us to see how we may be able to help.